Understanding Eye Appointments

An eye appointment is more than just a routine check-up. It’s a detailed examination that helps in detecting any potential issues early on. Regular visits to eye doctors can prevent or treat eye conditions before they become serious problems.

Types of Eye Exams

  1. Eye Exam: A general eye exam assesses your overall vision and eye health. It involves various tests to check for vision sharpness, eye muscle function, and other essential aspects of eye health.
  2. Eyeglass Exam: If you need prescription glasses, an eyeglass exam will determine the correct prescription for you. This exam includes refraction tests to find the best lens power for your eyeglasses.
  3. Contact Lens Exam: For those who prefer contact lenses over glasses, a contact lens exam is essential. This exam not only checks your vision but also ensures that your lenses fit correctly and are comfortable.
  4. Optician Appointment: An optician appointment is where you can get fitted for glasses or contact lenses based on the prescription provided by your eye doctor. Opticians also help with frame selection and adjustments.