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Hog Brand Shims

Shims 201 – The Importance of Measuring Shim Thickness

Stainless steel shims are now the standard for use in shimming machinery when preforming a precision laser or dial indicator shaft alignment.  They are clean, corrosion resistant, flat, and most importantly, pre-cut.  Their use speeds up the alignment process significantly.  […] Read More

Hog Brand Shims

Shims 101

Stainless steel shims have for the most part replaced cutting shims from rolled stock. They speed up the alignment process dramatically. They usually assure a more accurate alignment since they come in many different thicknesses. They are clean, flat, and […] Read More

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Stacking the Deck Can Get You in Trouble!

The photo to the right was taken at a recent training class. The maintenance guys at this facility were excellent aligners. They were adamant about getting their shaft alignments to “better than excellent” levels. They believed in preparing the surfaces […] Read More

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Aligning Machines Mounted on Chocks

“Our large machines use adjustable chocks, instead of shims for correcting the vertical alignment; can we use the VibrAlign Verti-Zontal compound move with our Fixturlaser XA when correcting the misalignment?” Absolutely! Adjustable chocks are typically found on large machines such […] Read More

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How Many Shims?

In a recent email to VibrAlign, Mike wrote: “In using your shims what is the most shims you can place under each foot? I have always been taught to use no more than 5 shims under each foot. Is this […] Read More