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About Stan Riddle

Stan Riddle joined VibrAlign in 2008. He has 30 years experience in aligning industrial machinery. Stan began his maintenance career working as a machinist and millwright for companies such as Weyerhaeuser, R.J. Reynolds, and Tyco Electronics. He also has over 25 years experience in Predictive Technologies, such as vibration analysis, thermography, oil analysis, and ultrasonic inspection.

He is a certified Level III Vibration Analyst with the Vibration Institute, and is a Past Chairman and Board Member of the Piedmont Chapter.

Stan and his wife live in Yadkinville, NC where he enjoys wood carving, fishing, and anything else outdoors.

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Repeatability vs. Desired Outcome in Precision Shaft Alignment, Part 1

When mechanics align rotating machinery, they expect two outcomes. One, they expect their alignment values to be repeatable. Two, they expect shimming and moving machinery to produce a desired outcome-namely, to be in tolerance. In this paper, we’ll discuss repeatability, […] Read More

Hog Brand Shims

Shims 201 – The Importance of Measuring Shim Thickness

Stainless steel shims are now the standard for use in shimming machinery when preforming a precision laser or dial indicator shaft alignment.  They are clean, corrosion resistant, flat, and most importantly, pre-cut.  Their use speeds up the alignment process significantly.  […] Read More

Uncoupled alignment

Aligning Uncoupled Machines

Normally, it is faster and more accurate to perform shaft alignment while the machines are coupled together.  This offers several benefits such as:  Keeping the relative angular positions of the shafts the same allows the technician to align the true […] Read More

Hog Brand Shims

Shims 101

Stainless steel shims have for the most part replaced cutting shims from rolled stock. They speed up the alignment process dramatically. They usually assure a more accurate alignment since they come in many different thicknesses. They are clean, flat, and […] Read More