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About Patrick Lawrence

Patrick Lawrence is a Reliability Engineer at Merck in Elkton, VA. A former trainer at VibrAlign, Patrick is now a guest contributor with occasional ponderings on realigning his part of America.
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Free “Laser-Dials” Shaft Alignment App

VibrAlign has launched a Free “Laser-Dials” Shaft Alignment App for iPhone, iPad, and Android that converts rotating shaft alignment data between dial indicator readings, and laser shaft alignment system angles and offsets. The “Laser-Dials” App is available for download at […] Read More

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Words to Make You Stop & Think

What the…?? What did it say again…?? But I just did that… How in the world…?? There’s no way… Sacre bleu! We hear phrases like these in class and in the field. Chances are if you’ve been aligning equipment for a […] Read More

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Shaft Alignment Education

We at VibrAlign love educating folks on the benefits of shaft alignment. Twice last month, Lev Nelik (aka Dr. Pump) of Pumping Machinery invited Mike Keohane of VibrAlign to speak on the virtues of shaft alignment and how it improves […] Read More

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Which Way is Up?

An interesting situation arises when the base of the equipment you are aligning is purposely out of level. Which way is up? This picture shows a setup we used during a recent training class to illustrate the technique (no photos […] Read More

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How Many Shims?

In a recent email to VibrAlign, Mike wrote: “In using your shims what is the most shims you can place under each foot? I have always been taught to use no more than 5 shims under each foot. Is this […] Read More

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More on the Fixturlaser Go Pro

Last week we officially announced the launch of the new Fixturlaser Go Pro.  So far we have recieved some good feedback, thanks to IMPO for this piece. In this announcement we talked about a new process in the alignment industry […] Read More

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Meet the Powerful Fixturlaser Go Pro

Well the cat is out of the bag…… we have a new product! Meet the new Go Pro Attached here is the official press release from VibrAlign.  Go Pro is a wireless and color screen shaft alignment laser that also […] Read More

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Should There Be A Shaft Alignment Training Class for the Maintenance and Reliability Professional?

In the past, maintenance mechanics learned alignment through apprenticeship programs or by working with other experienced maintenance mechanics. Some were taught in-house through training programs or through local community colleges. Many of these eventually moved up into manager or supervisor […] Read More

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Proper Movement Sequence for Shaft Alignment

One of the most important factors in successful shaft alignment is utilizing a proper sequence of moves. Understanding and utilizing this methodology will drastically decrease the time required to align shafts, and improve the effectiveness of your efforts.