Choosing the Best Way to Mount the Sensors of Your Laser Alignment Tool

The pictures above are just a few ways to mount your laser alignment tool to the machinery you are aligning. We at VibrAlign field phone calls from time to time from folks wanting to know if their setup will work. Basically, if each sensor is mounted securely to the shaft you are trying to measure and is indicative of it’s normal operation, you can get creative. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It’s OK to mount to coupling hubs–just not the covers.
  • It’s OK if they are off-center. Just enter the dimensions as prompted on the display unit.
  • Make sure the sensors are mounted securely to the shaft or hub (see our recent Troubleshooting Looseness post).
  • Make sure the sensors can ‘see’ each other while measuring the alignment condition.
  • Make sure the sensors are not rubbing on anything (bolts, seals, etc.) while measuring.

Send us some pictures of your Fixturlaser shaft alignment system in action. I’ll include the pics (at my discretion–don’t want anybody getting in trouble!) in the gallery above.

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Patrick Lawrence

Patrick Lawrence is a Reliability Engineer at Merck in Elkton, VA. A former trainer at VibrAlign, Patrick is now a guest contributor with occasional ponderings on realigning his part of America.
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